Thursday, April 3, 2014



We had an excellent week in Rome, and there's a lot of food to be written about.  As I hoped, Garrett had the best pasta of his life (although we disagree about whether it was the pappardelle con ragu di lepre (rabbit) or the cannelloni al forno...both from the same restaurant between the Campo de'fiori and the Piazza Farnese).  We had a few great - no, unmatchable - pizzas, and others that reminded us that Romans can get away with a lot of culinary fraud at the expense of unsuspecting tourists.  I've perfected a rather scientific investigatory process for deciding which of the endless options for restaurants will serve up the real deal.

While I'm home with lots of inspiration in the hopper, business as usual is keeping me from the kitchen.  The initial draft of my thesis is due Wednesday, and the countdown to AP exams at school has begun.  I hope to experiment with a simple spaghetti carbonara this weekend...but we'll see.

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